Electric vehicles

The future of mobility comes with no immediate surprise in a few years to go. It strongly is going to be electrified and it is for a good reason. Rising demand for fossil fuel from the ever-increasing fleet of vehicles that are pumped onto the roads of India, like the same way it is happening in every country has made the governance and industry to look into breaking the monopoly of oil. And there is an equally good reason, the ever-increasing pollution that has affected the whole planet like a plague!

The shift is going to be a big effort from a century-old oil’ed businesses, which were aligned in favour of the internal combustion engines. Also, a sustainable infrastructure necessary for the shift is almost in an embryonic stage, yet the development in the recent few years are very promising. Various automotive startups including the greatest amongst them, the Tesla are proving the feasibility and getting the competition going.

We at tantragna Corporation have our vision set in the same direction, since its inception. Currently, we are more busy in creating awareness amongst our clients and their circles about the importance of the new paradigm shift in the mobility sector. More than making and selling, at this point the most necessary education that was almost in-existent for a few until a few years ago, is still non-prevalent with the other major chunk of the remaining population. Spreading awareness, showcasing the difference, highlighting the importance and most importantly sharing the knowledge of the technology is the current challenge.

Our affiliation with various organisations, who are into mainly sustainable living & business ideologies has made the task at hand much easier to pass on the benefits to masses. We showcase various technologies in miniature and in-house developed project as examples, thereby invigorating the interests that are beneficial to them, as well as to the green-ecosystem that we live in.