Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy & Wind Energy are the best forms of renewable energy resources that are readily accessible to everyone to harness it freely. Rooftop mounted Solar system can be used to reduce fat power bills, and can also counter any outage of grid power during daylight hours. Wind turbines also assist in reducing the dependency of the grid-power, even in slightest winds that we perceive not useful.

There are already a few examples, where a few houses/villages in the remote areas of our country who are off-the-grid completely and completely self-sufficient and proves the efficiency & reliability of the renewable energy systems. The cost of adoption could the initial hurdle in adopting the renewable energy systems, but they will surprise after they mitigate the ownership costs over a longer period of ownership. Not only they repay themselves, but will also become earnings in the long run by saving energy bills, which are bound to become expensive in the future.

Solar energy is radiant light and heat energy from the Sun which can be harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as Photo-Voltaics or PV, Solar Thermal Energy for Heating & even Cooling applications that are becoming cheaper by the day, and efficient at the same time due to the strong research and development by the experts.Green-Building Architecture is also used propagate ingress/egress of thermal energy across the building. Solar Power is utilised in all applications these days, right from farming, residential buildings, commercial establishments, educational institutions, industries and much more. Water pumps for irrigation purpose are popular in the farming applications, while for residential, commercial and institutions they are used to charge the battery banks of Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) and inverters.

Green-Building Architecture

The renewable energy boom has given an every increasing awareness to save energy, and Green-Building Architecture is just the term used these days. It is used to propagate ingress/egress of thermal energy across the building, adopting energy efficient equipments & systems, etc.,Solar Power is

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

CSP are generally of two types, one for Concentrated PhotoVoltaic systems and other for direct Thermal Energy which is used in various applications. Since these are sophisticated and advanced systems, it is adopted for large-scale applications only to make it invest-worthy.

  1. Concentrated Photo-Voltaic uses a special type of solar cells which are designed to withstand a larger thermal abuse, and are also highly efficient compared to the normal cell with relation to the surface area. It is used with concentrators such as mirrors or lens to concentrate sunlight that is of much larger in surface area relative to the cell.
  2. Concentrated Solar Thermal is used for replacing or assisting conventional boiler plants that are operated during daylight hours. It is also used to store energy in the form of molten-salt or other media that stores thermal-energy which could be later used to produce steam, to power turbine power plants that could be used to generate electricity during no/less sunlight solar energy is unavailable during the night/cloudy hours.